Katala Institute

Rescued and confiscated Philippine Cockatoos in Katala Institute

This facility serves as a center for conservation, research and education with focus on highly threatened species in the Palawan biogeographical subregion within the Philippines. Katala Institute thereby supplements the organization’s field programs, where conservation projects for globally threatened species are implemented within their natural habitats.

Islands only comprise about 5% of the Earth’s landmass, but harbor an extraordinary diversity of wild species: one out of five mammals, birds and reptiles can be found on islands. Katala Institute wants to showcase life on tropical islands in their full diversity, including parrots and palms, porcupines and pond turtles.

Islands only cover 5ha of the land area, but are home to one in five mammal, bird and reptile species

There are animals living in enclosures on the grounds of the facility. The majority are rescued from the wild, for example from traps, or from starvation in the nest. Some are confiscated from poachers, traders, or households which kept them without proper permit, and for various reasons, some of these animals cannot be released into the wild anymore. Some others however are destined for later release. These usually cannot be seen by visitors and these animals are kept in special enclosures away from the public.

Though difficult to spot in the wild, Palawan Porcupines usually can be easily observed in Katala Institute









In normal times Katala Institute can be visited by groups of six to twenty people at a time, with previous arrangements. However, during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the facility remains closed to the public until further notice.

How to find us

By car: From Puerto Princesa City (Junction 1) take the southward-bound National Highway – stay on this road for the next ca. 98 km – before reaching Narra, look out for the police station on the right side of the road – just after the police station turn right (rough road) for ca. 200m: you will see the gate and signboard of Katala Institute.

By public shuttle: take a van from the public market in San Jose, Puerto Princesa (ca. 150-250 Pesos) – ask the driver to drop you off in front of the police station in Narra – turn right into the rough road after the police station and walk for about 200m until you reach the gate of Katala Institute.


Phone: 0921 612 1235

Fax: 048 434 7693

E-Mail: kficacatua2016@gmail.com