Learning how to grow native trees

You can enjoy island life and learn about island ecology and conservation during a visit in Katala Institute. During a stroll through the island arboretum at your own pace you can experience tropical vegetation of oceanic archipelagoes around the world. In the Balai Katala you can get immersed in the processes of island creation and evolution, learn about the challenges to preserve insular biodiversity, with particular reference to nearby Rasa Island and its world-famous Philippine Cockatoos.

Guided tour through Katala Institute for university students

The animals and the restored ecosystems of the facility are best experienced during a guided tour, where staff of Katala Institute will introduce you to the unique flora and fauna of Palawan.

If you have a little more time, you can participate in one of our nature courses, on exploring life in freshwater ecosystems, learning how to propagate and plant native trees for wildlife, or getting introduced into the basics of birdwatching.