Learning the benefits of eating fruits: An exhibit on the ecology and conservation of seed dispersal

Palawan’s forest is an example of a forest reforested for free by fruit-eating animals. Its diverse wildlife particularly the frugivores (animals feeding on fruits) lead to the high activity of seed dispersal resulting to diverse forests”, explains Peter Widmann, conservation biologist and Vice President of Katala Foundation (KF).

The Katala Foundation launched an exhibit called the “Seeds of Life” at the Kamarikutan Art Galleri from October 19 to November 17, 2006. The exhibit explains the ecology and conservation of seed dispersal, one of the many ecological processes that people take for granted. It tries to explain the many benefits of eating fruits besides their nutritional value. This free service provided by wildlife is responsible for the maintenance and regeneration of plant communities; therefore plant and animal interrelationship is likewise given recognition in the exhibit.


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