Municipality of Narra champions fight against climate change! Mayor approves funding for the 3rd Katala Festival in Narra

15 June 2009, Palawan, Philippines – Mayor Clarito Demaala Jr. approved funding for this year’s celebration of the Katala Festival in Narra, Palawan. The festival is on its 3rd year of implementation and for the successive two years the Municipality of Narra had exemplified their commitment to help fight climate change through education activities. “There are many ways we can teach people how to help avert climate change and save our Mother Earth, and we in Narra believe that learning while having fun through festivals like our Katala Festival is an entertaining way to understand things. For the second year, we want people to know how we are committed to our vision, aptly adopted in our theme “Knowing our carbon footprint… saving our future”,
says the honorable Atty. Demaala.

Please find the full press release online.